Brittany Branson | Fine Wedding and Floral Artist | 48 Fields

Are you getting married and looking for keepsake that’s different from the norm? Looking for someway to preserve your love story in a unique way? Brittany Branson is a SUPER talented fine wedding and floral artist, and she’s the girl you want! Live painting of your big day, venue painting, tailored keepsake, backdrops, there’s nothing this girl can’t do.

I first bet Brittany during my very first style shoot last April in Leesburg. She provided a stunning venue piece of Rust Manor House. Networking socials and  an anniversary photo sessions later, I was back working with her again. This time, to show case her amazing floral art! Isn’t she amazing?! I had during our session at 48 Fields. The bottom floor of the barn provided the perfect backdrop for her to showcase her skills. That light was perfection! Brittany, I can’t say it enough how ridiculously talented you are. I’m so thankful for the friendship we’ve created, and I look forward to see other masterpieces you create! Here are my favorites from our afternoon together 🙂


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