5 Portrait Locations I love | Washington D.C. + Northern VA

One of the first things I fell in love with when we moved here 3 years ago was the scenery. Virginia is such a gorgeous state! Now, I’m a proud Texas girl and Texas has some beautiful locations, but no matter where I go for a photo session HERE, I know the scenery and landscape will be amazing! I often get asked my clients and fellow photographers where I took a certain photo, or where my favorite spots are. So today, I’m going to share a few of my favorite spots that I’ve photographed at.

1. Lincoln Memorial- Washington, D.C.
I LOVE having sessions here! From the marble white columns to the Washington Monument beautifully in the background, this location is definitely a top spot. Just be prepared to do a lot of walking! Parking can sometimes be a hassle depending on the time of day, so ladies, I highly suggest bringing a pair of flats along with you to change into in between shots. You won’t regret it ūüôā You can see Nadia + Dominique’s anniversary¬†session here¬†and the Stanford family here.¬†
2. Jefferson Memorial- Washington, D.C.
I had my first engagement session here since moving to Virginia. This location adds a lot of variety. You get the marble white columns, gorgeous steps, greenery, and it’s right of the basin. Depending on the time of year, this place is covered in pink and white cherry blossoms! The parking for this location is a little easier, with a several parking lots right behind the moment. You can see Franki + Steve’s session¬†here.
3. Ox Hill Battlefield Park, Fairfax, VA
I found this little gem¬†while location scouting for a wedding. Don’t let this little park that sits on a busy intersection fool you. It’s surrounded by tall green trees, wooden battlefield fences, and has a small field covered in beautiful wildflowers and tall grass for the perfect rustic or serene look. You can see Matt + Karen’s wedding portraits at Ox Hill Battlefield Park¬†here.
 4. Old Stone Bridge, Manassas Battefield Park, Manassas, VA
¬†This location is great if your located more on the west side of northern VA. It has plenty¬†of parking and the golden light here is perfection. You can see Brittany + Kourtney’s sister session at the Old Stone Bridge¬†here.¬†
5. Old Town Alexandria, VA –
Every time I come to Old Town Alexandria, I always find a cute little nook or ally that is covered in beauty. The cobblestone streets, colorful brick homes, cute downtown shops, and the Potomac River makes this a top favorite for any session ūüôā You can see Kristina + Stephen’s engagement session in Old Town Alexandria¬†here.

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