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Planning your own wedding day can be fun, creative, and exciting! However, not every bride knows how much time, energy, and focus to detail it can actually entail. Luckily, I know a friend who is one FABULOUS Austin wedding planner! For today’s Vendor Spotlight, I’d love to introduce Amber with Austinique Weddings and Events! I first met Amber during a wedding we both worked last fall, and I knew instantly that I definitely wanted to work with her again. Her attention to detail, relaxed but focused approach, and of course being super sweet helped not only the bride and grooms enjoy their special day, but mine as well! She is AMAZING at what she does. I’m so excited to work alongside her for more 2018 weddings 🙂 Learn more about how Amber first got started in the wedding planning business, what her favorite wedding trends are, and some of the advantages of hiring a planner for your big day.


I adore the beauty of the nature in this area, as well as the people who are drawn to be here. Even though it’s a big city, there is still a sense of country and life that moves a little slower than you’d expect working in a city. Oh yeah, and all the amazing BBQ and tacos are a nice bonus as well.

I started to dabble in weddings after planning my own. I was pretty type A when organizing my wedding and managed to wheel and deal myself an amazing event on a pretty tight budget. The owner of the venue where I got married actually suggested that I would be good at planning for other people, and so initially I just helped out friends. After a couple of years I realized that I really was passionate about helping people get married and so I decided to make wedding planning and coordination my main gig. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Don’t get caught up in Pinterest and wedding blogs. It’s easy to convince yourself that you need hundreds of little details all over the place but in the end what really matters is that you are marrying your partner. I like to ask my clients to think about a wedding they went to years ago, before they were engaged an planning their own wedding, and ask them about all the tiny details, and more often than not they can’t remember any of those tiny details. What people remember is the big stuff, and whether or not they had a good time.
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My main duty is to make sure the bride and groom enjoy themselves as much as possible on their wedding day. Of course I also assist with booking vendors, creating timelines, selecting a color palette, and designing the overall look and feel of the event.
I am on a big, private dinner for the couple, kick right now. Couples spend so little time alone during their wedding, and are often interrupted while eating. The private dinner not only ensures they eat, but that they have a few minutes to themselves. As far as decor trends I’m loving the incorporation of metals and geometric shapes !
Austin Wedding Planner
I don’t know that I would say its a trend, but I adore when couples are able to incorporate details that are really personal and special to them.
The champagne toast. I find that we so often throw away a ton of champagne afterwards as so many people take an obligatory sip, and leave the rest on the table.
Austin Wedding Planner


Having a wedding planner or coordinator will be one of the best decisions you can make. Your vendors, venue, and wedding party will all appreciate that there is someone with experience in charge to finalize all of the details and run the timeline that day. So often a family member gets thrust into the role which keeps them from being able to truly enjoy the wedding.
I come from a service background and I believe that really comes through while I’m working at a wedding. I have been married to my best friend Bryan for 7 years now. We have a cat named Salem, who’s our fur baby. I am a painter, and I also really enjoy dancing and listening to music. I love to laugh, and truly enjoy getting to know my clients. I don’t have many pet peeves but most of them are related to improper wedding guest etiquette. Seriously, I know white lace dresses are trendy, but please don’t wear it to a wedding unless you are instructed to do so by the bride!
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