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If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea to give to your groomsmen or other important men in your life, look no further than Groomsday! Everything you can imagine from cuff-links, drink ware, or personalized watches, they have. They have something for everyone! Today for my Vendor Spotlight series, I’m chatting with Mike from Groomsday. Read more about what makes Groomsday unique, and what wedding day gifts are trending right now.

Wedding Day gifts

Above: Hidden compartment cuff-links

  • Groomsday started back in 2003 in Boston with the mission of providing quality groomsmen gifts for busy grooms who are trying to make sense of the chaos that surrounds the wedding planning process. Groomsday’s original founder noticed that grooms were struggling when it came to gift ideas and would often give coolers of beer or random items like action figures. While many shops & retailers cater towards the bride, we felt the groom was mostly ignored and left with few options for most groom necessities. The market for groomsmen gifts grew substantially since then with many retailers understanding this gap in the market and seeking to provide products and services for the groom.
  • Make your wedding about your origins story and personalize it the way that makes it completely ‘you’. With the plethora of personalized products and services that serve the wedding space, there really isn’t any reason to make your wedding generic. The traditional wedding has been done to death. This is the perfect opportunity to make this about you and your story in every way.
  • Through the years we’ve noticed that most grooms want things simple and consolidated. Gift sets naturally fit the bill for these needs. Since a gift set can be pretty much anything, we’ve found that a lot of grooms have shied away from historically popular items (ie: flasks…etc) in lieu of more fashion-related items, such as tie-sets and watch and cufflink sets. A lot of grooms also want something fun to give and therefore pick up something like personalized footballs, multi-tools or even custom drawn caricatures. Our personal favorite groomsmen gifts are the toolcard (what guy doesn’t want 40 tools in his wallet?) and dopp kits, since they make great gift bags as well as being pretty handy overall.
  • While a lot of grooms still want your traditional type of gifts such as flasks and watches, we try to mix in boutique items as well to provide a diverse spectrum of groomsmen gift ideas that can cater to any type of buyer. We think the market is slowly shifting more towards the boutique, artisan-style items and less of the traditional items that have done well historically.
  • While there are clearly many choices out there when it comes to groom accessories or groomsmen gifts, Groomsday’s focus is on providing excellent service and getting grooms what they need with minimal fuss. We find in the end that most grooms are not shopping based on price point, but simply want to know whether they can trust the experience of who they’re buying from. We make it a point to be accessible through multiple channels, set clear expectations on turnaround and shipping timelines and ensure the customer gets what they need in one shot as simply and efficiently as possible. Grooms want things simple and done right. While they may not be the leading force in the planning process, grooms are typically overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come with the planning process. Most guys just want a simple, straight-forward experience that makes their lives easier, not contribute to the existing problems they’re already sorting out. We make that a primary focus at Groomsday.

Wedding Day Gifts

Above: Groomsmen Pocketwatch 

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