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My own wedding 6 1/2 years ago was one of the best days of my entire life (besides welcoming Penelepe into this world of course!). Although the day was so magical to us, I DO regret 2 things. 1. To have hired a professional photographer. And 2. Hire a videographer. There have been so many times (too many to count!) that I look back on that special day, and wish I could re-live it through video. I see and read about it WAY to often that the number one regret people have regarding their wedding day is not hiring a videographer.  Today on the blog, I’m chatting with Brynn, Jason, Pam, and Bill with Thuis Studios, a videography and cinematography team based in Annapolis, MD and also serving the greater Washington, D.C. area. Read about tips they give brides for their wedding day, and the advantages of hiring a videographer 🙂


Brynn~Director of Cinematography+primary film editor. Her specialties are details, prep+reception. She’s an extraordinary planner and can weave together amazing films. Brynn is passionate about video production, animal rights, and health+fitness. Her girls (kitties, Mahina+Kana) are her everything. O’ahu=home Jason~Director of cinematography+film editor. He specializes in bridal prep, wrap-around+silhouette shots and is Thuis’ UAV pilot. Jason loves to drag racer and is a total sports enthusiast. He loves anything fast and the thrill of competition! His wit will give you whiplash! Pam~Cinematographer/PA (lifestyle photographer+primary photography editor). She excels in capturing details, photojournalistic moments+product design. Pam tends to the daily business operation, social media+client relationships and pulls together wedding day schedules. Who she is=Animal rights+planet activist, suffers from wanderlust and trying daring feats, mom of talented twins (Brynn being one of them), Cali (aka “grandma”) to the wee Beastie, critter guardian, and loves-to-dance vegan. Bungee jumping is on her bucket list. Bill~Cinematographer/PA (photographer+photography editor). Bill’s specialties are candid interactions, photojournalitic moments+establishing shots. He is our troubleshooting expert, Photoshop Wiz and keeper of the books. Very importantly, he makes the best vegan white chocolate chip+macadamia nut cookies…oh, and brownies, too! Bill is an animal rights activist, travel enthusiast, dad of the aforementioned talented twins and “Nonno” to the Beastie. One day, in the still far-too-distant future, retiree from a lifetime of government service.

  • We love the variety the DC metro area encompasses…modern urban to country rustic…it’s all historic and it’s all here!

Photos taken by Thuis Studios

Vendor Spotlight Washington DC Videographer


  • “This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.” This sentence was slowly sounded out by Brynn every time a movie was put into the VCR. Fast forward 20 years with experiences as movie and TV extras, college degrees in Film, and working for a production company, Brynn realized behind the lens was where she wanted to be. On a whim, while attending as a guest, Brynn filmed a friend’s wedding…and it was good first effort. The gentle and loving shove from her parents, followed by a request from another friend to film her wedding channeled the possibility of a cinematography business. Bringing along her now-husband, Jason, that wedding was where the cinematic style that is Thuis’ brand came to life. Pam and Bill (Brynn’s parents, who have a background in photography and a shared love of visual story telling) soon joined in subsequent weddings.


  • Most weddings include 3 team members, sometimes 4, working together anywhere from 10 (minimally) to 12 or 14 hours to capture the day. It is truly a collaborative effort; every team member counts. We all have our forte and generally cover the same areas and elements of every wedding. Jason is typically with the bride for the beginning of the day. He’s filming her in hair and makeup. Between shots he may be running to check in on our time-lapse camera, or flying the drone with Brynn. Brynn is typically running around with 1-2 cameras filming all the details. From the dress/suit to the shoes, rings and stationary – she’s rocking our slider to create incredible detail shots that make our couple’s film their own. Depending on the size of our team, Pam joins Brynn in capturing the detail shots, as she is our detail shot creator extraordinaire, setting and staging everything so Brynn can focus on filming. Pam will bounce between team members, helping out where needed…and from time to time that help may also be extended to other pros who look like they could use an extra hand. Bill is typically running around getting establishing shots and interaction/voyeuristic-type shots. Once everyone is dressed, Brynn is generally set with her single camera, lenses and monopod (+ a tripod for ceremony and speeches). Jason runs around with his beloved RoninM for those fabulous wrap-around shots, and a camera and monopod for everything else. Bill remains on a tripod from ceremony onward to capture those beautiful voyeur shots. Working as the situation dictates, Pam will either be on a tripod (ceremony, speeches) or monopod. We all work the various elements of the reception, including the dance party. Near the end, we usually release Pam so she can get in a wee dance. Brynn and Jason remain with their camera’s filming the guests and couple dance the night away. Bill can be found packing out the equipment no longer needed, taking inventory, and depending on how great the dancing is, may film from outside a tent or window to get the fun voyeur shot again! To summarize, we divide and conquer, filming all the little details and big moments, from different angles, so that we can create a beautiful film they will cherish forever and ever.


  • Our style is nonlinear and cinematic. We keep your film moving and avoid the “fast forward to the good part” effect by picking the best frames to weave together your story.


  • “Front load” your wedding day; meaning (1) give yourself enough time to do and us to capture all the things that happen before the ceremony and (2) consider plugging in elements like First Look and Wedding Party/Couple portraits prior to your Ceremony. The story of your day begins in “Prep.” It’s hair+makeup, it’s letter writing/gift exchanges, getting dressed, it’s interaction with your besties. It can be a pre-ceremony outing for the guys. Honestly, the sky’s the limit. We feel the poignant times are the intimate ones with those you’ve chosen to gather around you as you prepare for your day. If you want to enjoy your guests during cocktail hour, consider a First Look and portraits pre-ceremony (or at least some of it if you chose to do your Family photos part of this time). The couple may wonder if they do so much pre-ceremony will we miss out on capturing their reception? Truth is, if all the reception events are completed early on, there’s no need to roll film on hours and hours of (usually the same people) dancing. We can give you a beautiful heirloom filled with the most important moments when we start at the beginning of your day (which is our policy).


  • LOL, kind of funny we had to look up “Hot Wedding Trends for 2017,” because our favorite will always be what is true to who the couple is together. Of those trends listed on the Knot our top, as animal lovers, would be to include their OWN (not an animal hired for the purpose) furry family member in some manner during the day, keeping the safety and comfort of the fuzzy loved one in mind. We also love “dangling decor” … because film is about movement after all! Oh, and there’s unique wedding attire, games for guests, remixing the “normal” sequence of events and a nifty exit.

Vendor Spotlight Washington DC Videographer

  • Since “Prep” plays a big role in how we weave together wedding films, we’d love to see couples do more pre-ceremony things. We had one groom and his men put divets in a golf course one morning…not so sweet for the golf course, but adorable in the film. The bride spends a good part of the day getting hair and makeup…why not have the groom and his men visit a really cool barber shop for the works?!


  • We love wedding day photos, and with all the incredible display options now (metal art!), who doesn’t!? But your wedding day film allows you to not just reminisce on a wedding moment, but truly RELIVE the day. What really separates a wedding day film from photos is that there’s movement and sound. Not only do you get to see a moment, but you get to watch it play out, and listen to the words being said. It’s something future generations will watch, and feel like they really are getting to know the couple. Sometimes, it’s not just about the couple. It’s about your family+friends within the film. Life has a funny and sometimes painful way of playing out. When we have these happy moments to relive in sight and sound, it can be really therapeutic and sometimes, even if just for a moment, ease the hurt from loss.

Photos taken by Thuis Studios

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